2389: The Barrier between our universe, and the mirror universe has collapsed. The United Federation of Planets has been over run by the Terran Empire, and the UFP now struggles to hold on to their few remaining hidden bases, being hunted at every turn by the Empire. The USS Ghost Rider-A was sent into an undisclosed location to avoid capture by the Empire.

2391: The Dominion/Cardassians and Romulans signed a non-aggression pact with the Empire, on the agreement they help hunt the Federation.

2392: The Mirror Klingons, Mirror Romulans, and Mirror Cardassians joined with the Breen and the Remans to form 'The Alliance' to fight the Empire. The Federation sent diplomats to attempt to join forces, which resulted in the death of 12 diplomats, and the loss of 3 Federation bases.

2393: The Federation signs a non aggression pact with the Klingon Empire. One of the last Admirals of the Federation finds the only remaining file containing the location of the Ghost Rider. A team is assembled to recover the almost completed state of the art ship. Then Colonel Abaddon is assigned to lead this team.

2394: The USS Ghost Rider is recovered, and repaired, though taking time, she has been brought back to full strength, and stands ready to fight for the Federation.

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